OTISS is a cloud-based application for traffic and transportation engineers who need to perform traffic impact assessments. Featuring data from over 5,500 studies included in the 9th Edition ITE Trip Generation Manual along with capability of building own trip generation database, OTISS supports TIAs with valuable inputs by estimating travel demand at driveways, nearby intersections and person trips waypoints. It is available 24 hour across PC’s, Macs, and mobile devices with internet connection. Wherever you are, your data is always available within OTISS' cloud-based application, securely saved for easy access.

OTISS' computational power does all the legwork for you, generating comparisons and revisions based on decades of ITE research. And when combined with OTISS' unique functionality, collaboration capabilities, and familiar workflow, you’ll complete projects in a fraction of the time vs. conventional and dated methods.

Take the tour and find out how you can put the power of OTISS to work for you.